Mar. 26th, 2012

from_ashes: (Written in the stars)
Time flies, huh? I can't believe it will soon be the end of March. How did that happen? Time is flying even though I haven't been having THAT much fun! LOL

I had a sort of lazy unmotivated week last week. I just didn't want to do any work and now I get to pay for it. Because I need money for a potential upcoming girl's weekend next month. I didn't do much of anything but play Mass Effect 3. So it was sort of like a mini-vacation with a little work thrown in here and there.

This week, though? I've got to get back into it. I've got to find my schedule again and stick to it. And I have got to work harder on getting this novel done. I'm super close to having the second draft finished. And then I'm going to read the entire thing aloud and make the smaller final tweaks before handing it over to some people to read.

It's time to finish this thing because last night, I took a ton of notes for a new story I'm working on. The Hunger Games (I saw the movie yesterday - it was pretty darn awesome) has inspired me to write a young adult novel during NaNoWriMo this year. But I want to go ahead and start figuring out the characters now and getting some plot ideas organized so I have some structure when I start. Yes, I know November is a long ways off, but if the rest of the year is any indication, it will be here before I know it. I've had this post-apocalyptic world running around in my head for four months now and last night, I figured out why it's post-apocalyptic and how the characters (a girl and her father) fit into that world. And I couldn't sleep until I had taken notes on it for at least an hour before bedtime. I just got struck by inspiration and the story began to show itself inside of my head.

It's starting to haunt me now, that story. So I need to finish up the one I've been working on so this one can consume my time.

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