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That's a line from the play we're doing "And Then There Was Nun." Rehearsals are coming along nicely. We've upped them to three times a week, so my free time has gone completely bye-bye. And when I have free time, I have to run errands or get groceries and when I have free time from that, I'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur in an attempt to unwind.

Things are insane, but for some reason, I love it like this. It means that September will be here sooner and I'll be in Paris walking around and speaking my passable French and eating pastries and wining and dining like the gods. 

It also means, though, that everything novel-related is on hold. I need to work on the cover, but I don't have the time or energy. However, I'll be bored out of my skull after the play (although The Secret World MMO will be out the following week - yay!), so I'll get back to it.

First thing's first, though. I'm going to go through the Smashwords style guide and get it formatted so I can get some preview copies out there to those of you who want one. I need some reader feedback, although I'm not entirely sure how to go about things after I get feedback. I will obviously not completely re-write the novel, but if there are some things that everyone has issues with or little things people think I need to fix, I suppose I can do that and still get this thing online and for sale by August (that's my self-imposed deadline).

I'm trying to figure out my next NaNoWriMo novel. I don't know if I want to write the sequel (which I have a TON of ideas for) or start something new (I have a post-apocalyptic thing bumping around inside my head). I'll probably start making notes for both and whichever seems the most doable at the time will be my pick.

Anyway, I need to keep this short and sweet as I have a mountain of work awaiting me today. And I would like to spend at least an hour on LiveMocha working on my French pronunciation. Wish me luck! No rehearsal tonight, so I might actually get caught up on my t.v. viewing, too - Game of Thrones, Lost Girl and Eureka all await me.
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I have a new computer! YAY! I don't even remember if I posted about getting it, but things have been hectic. I really haven't even had a chance to put the new machine through the paces yet. But I am ready for the next open beta weekend of The Secret World. Oh, and Photoshop opens within the blink of an eye - that's definitely new.

So I've been taking time away from the novel (I'll start thinking about a cover next week and getting it formatted for people to read) and working on my French instead. I got as far as I could through my old high school books and online tutorials, so I signed up for LiveMocha. I figure I'll pay for about three months because I really need to work on my comprehension. I speak pretty decent French, but as to understanding those Parisians who speak faster than I can possibly think, I need to work on my listening. I gave LiveMocha a test run earlier and liked it enough to pay $9.95/month for it until I get a bit more conversational.

After that, I have no idea how to retain my knowledge of French. Except to move to Paris. *cough* Hey, a girl can dream!

Also, rehearsals for the play are going really well. Between that and work, I don't have a lot of free time, but I like things like that. That will make the next month fly and hopefully, so, too, will the summer. Which I hate. It's been entirely too warm here already. And then September will be right around the corner and I'll be standing under the Eiffel Tower again with a box of macarons and a bottle of wine.
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I know some of your are Mommies (whether of children or children of the furry variety) so I wish you all a belated Happy Mother's Day. I ended up spending the entire day with Mom and it turned out to be a good day. She was having one of her good days and we laughed and joked and I almost got to forget that she's not like that every single day. 

I sent her some cookies from Mrs. Fields. Mom always complained that flowers die and as she has a cookie fixation, I though that would be perfect. My brother also got her stuff for her sweet tooth and she is set in snacks for awhile. Not if I can just not dig my own hands into them! Eep! I FINALLY got myself back into not eating all that crap and now I'm surrounded by it. I blame the Reese's. I can hear them calling out to me in my sleep.

Also, my cats gave me fleas for Mother's Day. Technically, I doubt they brought them in the house, as they never go outside, but we have a mild case of fleas. Which if left untreated, will become a major breeding ground for fleas. I ordered the first tubes of Advantage for the summer (I usually treat them each summer anyway) and got some Fleabusters powder, which is safe to use around me and the cats' sensitive bodies, but works to kill those little suckers quickly. We had a major infestation in Georgia and a tub of that took care of it. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday when it comes in. Until then, I feel all creepy and crawly all the time! EEP! I also seem to be the only creature in the house that has been bitten by the little assholes. So... apparently, I taste good to fleas.

My most recent article for is currently the most-commented article on the site! YAY! I take great pride in that. I enjoyed writing it and I have already finished the follow-up article the editor wanted me to do.

Finally, being a blogger/writer is AWESOME. I have a really good Klout score, so that means I'm always getting free stuff. Which is awesome. But I'm also getting random free stuff thanks to being a part of the Academy (I joined a few years ago before it was exclusive). So last week, I got an awesome The Avengers tee shirt that says "Fan Girl" in The Avengers font. And today, I got a book ("Delirium" by Lauren Oliver - looks pretty darn good). My Mom has started teasing me about all the stuff I get. I do try to take photos of everything and give the companies involved a few mentions.

I'm still pounding away at the novel. I'm trying to get the editing done, but on the days I'm working on DVICE pieces, it gets ignored. NBC pays me too well for me to not make those articles a priority. My goal is to be self-published by August and I think that's more than doable.

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