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Something to get excited about even if it doesn’t happen until next year: Gallifrey One. The first postcard arrived today. In 2013, we’ll be celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who and the con is going to be off the hook.

I’m excited and can’t wait. And my costumes are already done.

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In spite of an upcoming vacation and the beginnings of a cold (I’m viciously attacking it with Zinc and Vitamin C), I’ve done quite a bit of writing these past few weeks, in addition to continuing work on the next novel. So I thought I would link to the various articles that I’ve done that I’m particularly proud of:

Untitled Web Series Wednesday: NOT Inspector Spacetime interview

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks Review (Spoilers)

Subscription MMO’s Should Not Be Dead

The Secret World continues to promise game updates in spite of lay-offs

14 futuristic crime-busting technologies just around the corner

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I just thought I would write a little update as there’s a few things going on in my life and with the writing. I have been busy working diligently on The Book of Revelations: Prophecy, but as several people are asking me about a sequel to Zeus, Inc., I’m considering taking a break in November (if BOR isn’t complete) and spending time on the sequel. I already have ideas for it and Alex Grosjean is never far from my thoughts. Why November? Why, NaNoWriMo, of course! I wrote the first book during NaNoWriMo, so it only seems appropriate the sequel comes out of that, too.

Also, if you’re bored this Labor Day weekend (unfortunately, I’ll be working), go stop by Dragon*Cant. It’s an online convention set up for those who could not attend Dragon Con. Zeus, Inc. is actually part of the Merchants Circle there!

I have been writing a lot for, as well. So here’s a full list of what I’ve covered so far.

I also did an interview with Jason Chen from StoryBundle for DVICE.

There’s a new review or two posted about Zeus, Inc. on Amazon. I have a few blog reviews coming up soon, too – I’ll post them when they’re live. Being a self-published author is certainly not easy (as I’m discovering), but it’s very rewarding.

Oh, and I’m going to Paris in a week. I’ll probably be posting here every day while I’m there, with photos of food I’m eating (so you can all be extremely jealous), as well as little things that come along that interest me. This will be my third trip there and my fourth trip to Europe, but I’m still as excited as the first time I flew overseas. I will also being taking a great amount of notes as I’m pretty sure part of the Zeus, Inc. sequel will take place there. Like I said, I have ideas!

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. I hope to squeeze in some time to play The Secret World myself. Because all work and no play makes Robin go crazy.

LABOR DAY SALE! Zeus, Inc. available for just $0.99 on Smashwords. Use coupon code FY62Q

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I spent Friday night in Memphis with my cousin and friend to see our favorite band of all-time (and the staple of my formative teen years): Duran Duran. Thanks to a great deal via the Priceline Negotiator (insert image of William Shatner doing a karate chop here), we ended up with a hotel room for the night at the world famous The Peabody hotel. For a not-so- world-famous price.

Now growing up, we thought The Peabody Hotel was the creme de la creme – the place where celebrities and presidents slept when they were in town.

I have to admit that it didn’t disappoint. In a world of modern black and white hotels with minimal design, The Peabody stands out as an old Southern charming classic.

Upon arrival (after a hefty hike from the parking lot – thank goodness for wheeled baggage), we were greeted with a smile and settled into our room to get ready for the concert. We caught the tail end (pun intended) of the ducks marching back up to the roof (the ducks are a Peabody tradition – they swim in the fountain every day in the hotel lobby) and then headed out to the venue where Duran Duran were playing.

The venue was the Memphis Botanic Garden. A few things about this place ROYALLY sucked. First, parking was nearly 1/4 of a mile away. Secondly, if you’re a fan of the band and actually want a decent seat – forget it. Those tables that are up front are bought in advance by those people and corporations who support the garden. And let me tell you, there weren’t a lot of Duranies amongst those people. I mean, really, WHY COME TO A CONCERT OF A BAND THAT YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE?

And we were told that even empty tables would just stay empty – they wouldn’t be up for sale later. You know, like at a REAL concert venue.

To be honest, I was a little irked about that situation. And guess what? When the band started playing, they picked up on the fact that the loudest screamers and most lively dancers were those behind the fence behind the tables. Lead singer Simon LeBon commented on it and pretty much told us that we were the ones they were performing for. And they did. They performed for us. Even their back-up singer told those in the front to get off their butts and onto their feet and DANCE. Ridiculous.

Those of us on the lawn? We were dancing and singing our hearts out. And we were recognized by the band throughout the show. They dedicated “All You Need Is Now” to us. Also, when the fuddie-duddies up front began to leave, Simon literally said, “Now this is a real Duran party!”

Yes, yes, it was.

We met some lovely girls from Louisville. They told me they saw me dancing up near the fence and wanted to come hang with us because we looked like we were having fun. They were so sweet. Their mother (who is now deceased) was a Duranie and passed it onto them. This was their first Duran Duran concert. This was, literally, a dream come true for them. THIS, this reminded me of why I loved this band so darn much (besides the fact that they brought the house down in spite of the boring folks up front).

The show was great. I got yet another Duran Duran t-shirt. And we hiked the 1/4 mile back to the car after it was done to go freshen up at the hotel. Freshen up = change shirts and shoes.

And then we hit Beale Street, which was PUMPING, thanks to it being Elvis Week in Memphis. We ended up at the Hard Rock, starved and needing beverages. And that’s where we saw all the Elvis impersonators doing karaoke. It was AWESOME. And another lesson in fandom. Elvis is the ONLY musician, who has inspired such ardor so long after his death. He truly is a legend. People from all over the world are in Memphis to celebrate the life and music of this one man who touched them.

And we had come to Memphis to pay tribute to the band that had touched us. It sort of fit to see that after the concert.

But wait! It gets better! After a margarita and way too much food, we went back to the hotel, only to see Lisa Marie Presley hanging out in the lobby.

At that point, chalk it up to being a perfect night. Even if it all feels completely unreal right now.

Oh, and look at the cute little ducks! We got to see them march to the fountain this morning.

A good time was had by all is an understatement. But now, I believe I need to sleep.

And yes, it’s true: Elvis has left the building.

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I bought this DogBones travel pillow for my upcoming trip to Paris in September. My cat, Maggie, tests it out for me. Except I think she doesn’t quite get how it works…


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During my last trip to Paris, I attempted to visit The Louvre. It was a madhouse and I consistently got lost. By the time I was ready to leave, I got lost again and it took me over an hour to find the exit.

And yet, for some reason, I plan to attempt to tackle it again. Because I do want to see things like the Venus di Milo. Because I didn’t see much of anything during my last visit because the crowds were INSANE.

But I need some help. Because the maps they give you with you ticket? They’re pretty darn confusing. So I just discovered an app on Google Play that is the official app for the museum. It supposedly has guided tours and helps you find your way around the massive structure that is the museum. I’d looked for something similar before, so I think this is pretty new to the Android platform (I believe it’s been available for iPhone for some time – figures).

I am not joking when I say that The Louvre massive. You can’t even imagine how large the place is until you’re wandering around inside of it. It is believed that if you were to see every work of art in The Louvre and spent a few minutes at each one, it would take over 3 months. It’s just… BIG.

So here’s hoping that an app will help me immensely in re-visiting the museum. I do want to enjoy it this time.

My second rule of thumb is not to visit mid-day. Thanks to a tip on TripAdvisor (my favorite travel-related website), I’m going to go later in the afternoon on one of the days when it’s open late (Wednesday or Friday).

Only 75 days until my trip! It’s starting to sneak up on me!

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It’s official! I have decided on a date for the release of my first novel: Zeus, Inc. I’m terribly excited about this, obviously! So without further ado, I give you my release date: August 1, 2012.

The book will be available in digital form on Smashwords in a variety of formats (PDF, Kindle, Nook, Sony e-reader, etc.) and should also be available on the websites for Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

50 years ago, Zeus, Inc., and its CEO, the mysterious Joseph Brentwood, saved the world from a major energy crisis by discovering a new unlimited energy resource. Now, in 2065, Mr. Brentwood has gone missing and private eye Alex Grosjean has been hired to find him by his daughter (and Alex’s best friend), Aleisha.

Black-outs begin to occur all over the world and somehow Alex believes it’s tied to Mr. Brentwood’s disappearance. Her search leads her through her own murky past and into the depths of Hell itself, where she discovers that Mr. Brentwood is not who or what he seems to be.

With the help of an otherworldly man named Pip, Alex must save both Mr. Brentwood and the world. But will she be able to face her own guilty past in order to do it?

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Today, I started looking through my Paris “To Do” list and decided to get a few things knocked off. Although it wasn’t on the list, I knew that a new carry-on bag had to be in order. I have one I really like, but it has to be actually carried (it doesn’t have wheels) and being that my back is very touchy these days, I thought the last thing I needed was to be in Paris and be in pain because I had this heavy bag on my shoulder all day.

So I found the exact carry-on that I already have with wheels on eBags. And even better, it should fit on my bigger bag when I’m carrying both. Fortunately, my apartment in Paris is very easy to get to via the RER and Metro and the one change I have is literally getting off of one train, walking across the platform and catching the next train to Gare de Lyon (which actually has working escalators – a rarity in many Paris metro stations). I’m sure my back and body will thank me:

I also went ahead and ordered an extra battery for my phone. I love my phone, but it sucks up juice quickly. And if I take photos? It sucks it up even faster. Being that my phone is now my primary camera, too (although I will take my good camera to Paris and use it some), I knew I needed an extra battery so that I won’t have to worry about the thing going dead on me mid-day (like it tended to do at Gallifrey One this past year). I considered an extended battery, but those things add bulk and weight to the phone.

Next up? I need a new neck pillow for the flight (it’s on my Amazon wishlist if someone wants to buy me an early birthday present… hint, hint) and a new pair of black stretchy pants (maybe yoga pants) for the flight itself. Yes, I like to dress fashionable in Paris, but on the plane? I found out last year that jeggings are NOT comfortable enough to get any sleep in-flight. I can pair the stretchy pants with a comfy stretchy shirt, a sweater and a scarf and ballet flats, though, and pull it off, right?

Only 83 days to go!

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Last night, I dreamed I was eating macarons, in all sizes, flavors and colors. I must have eaten thousands in my dreams. I guess I have a craving for them. If only they weren't so difficult to make! But they do give me something to look forward to in Paris (among other things). September will be here, after all, before I know it.

I also had a dream I was making out with David Tennant. Talk about random. I've managed to live a Tennant-free life for the past month (maybe), and yet, I still have those dreams occasionally. Needless to say, I'm not complaining.

Anyway, today was a squeal-worthy day. Yesterday, I posted on my blog about Brent Spiner's Fresh Hell web series. I feature a new web series every Wednesday and this is one that I've been watching regularly and love (it's so funny!). I sent him a tweet about it and in his lovely person fashion, he sent me a Twitter Direct Message saying Thank You. Isn't that sweet? I'm still reeling from the little Happy Birthday I got last year, but WHAT A GREAT FREAKIN' GUY!

I have to say that the sci-fi celebrities sure seem a lot nicer than other actors/actresses. Most seem to be a great group of people. 

Also, the only Star Trek con I have ever been to and probably will ever go to was supposed to have Brent as a guest. But he didn't show (prior commitments or something - I think he was on Broadway at the time). I'm going to say the tweets have more than made up for that.

I am officially registered for next year's Gallifrey One, as well. I was debating not going, but I knew I couldn't bear the thought of missing it. I have way too much fun. I am dreading the crowd that next year might bring, but I know it will still be fun. And I need a new costume, so I'm trying to figure out what I want to play. I'm thinking if I can find the write striped shirt, with my hair the way it is, I could easily cosplay Susan from the very first season. I'd only have to worry about everything being black & white (since those were the days of B&W t.v.), right? But we shall see. It depends on what mood (and what budget) strikes me.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I'm getting used to working Monday - Friday now and so have been taking weekends off. So the Memorial Day three-day weekend is going to be something I have not done, probably since I last worked in an office. I have NO plans, except to stay indoors out of the heat, but I think I'll go see Men in Black 3 and watch some movies that have been sitting in my Netflix Q. And I do want to finish editing my novel. I got behind because I had to spend some of my time I set back for writing on two DVICE articles, but now I'm back to it. I'm so close to the end. And still terrified. But some of you, who have volunteered, will have a copy in hand, potentially soon. 

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Thanks to my wonderful friend Christina, the girls (Jennifer, Christina, Lesley, Amanda and I) had a weekend planned in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, which is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours north of where we live. We started our trip bright and early at 8:30 a.m. Since we knew we’d be eating breakfast on the road, we were all good and hungry by the time we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Cape Girardeau. After egg sandwiches and pancakes and biscuits and the beginning of much laughter, we were ready to tackle the day.

We planned on taking the Route Du Vin, which is a tour of six local wineries in the Ste. Genevieve area. We arrived in Ste. Genevieve around 11 a.m. and alighted upon our first stop: The Ste. Genevieve Winery. There, we purchased our tickets for the tour and grabbed our first glass, a dry white wine that none of us didn’t really care much for. However, there was a lemon drink that was pretty awesome. We had some mediocre chicken salad sandwiches and then got busy with the tastings. I, personally, liked the raspberry wine the best, but the general consensus was that the blackberry was the favorite.

That was one winery down and five more to go. But we discovered quickly that these wineries were miles and miles away from each other. So the tour started to prove to be a challenge. Our second winery was at The Cave Winery, though, which featured… well… a cave. The wine there was actually quite good (we all agreed), but we skipped the tasting as there was a charge for it (even with the tour – what kind of sense does that make?). There was also some very good feta dip and pita chips, though. We walked down to the cave and did a little sightseeing. It was actually pretty neat.

So two wineries down and four to go.

We made it to the third, Chaumette, and at that point had realized that the gas tank was sitting on “E” and had been for some time. Christina asked about gas stations and only received laughter in response. We were literally IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and obviously not close to civilization. But we drank our glass of wine there, as well, and decided we would figure it out. I was the only one that liked the red that we were served – I found it very close to a merlot and I love merlot. The tilapia, though? It was not all that great and we were in agreement on that.

Again, this winery also charged for tastings, so we skipped out on that. And we knew that we absolutely had to have gas. And our only hope? The outdated GPS we were using. It found a route for us, nearly 20 minutes away and we were praying that somehow we could make it that far. So we began to drive.

The GPS told us to turn. On a dirt road. We followed, thinking that the GPS knew what it was doing. And then we came upon a creek. In the middle of the road. Which sort of stopped and re-appeared on the other side of the creek. It was shallow and the floor of it was smooth, so we all decided that we’d just keep driving and went across the creek. ACROSS THE CREEK. THROUGH THE WATER. We were in a truck, so why not, right?

So we kept following the route the GPS was taking us. And then had to stop again. Because the creek re-appeared in front of us. But again, we saw that it was shallow and smooth, so we drove through that.

After the road began to narrow and became not so much a road as a sort of path, we were starting to freak out. We had also lost all cell phone service and I swore I began to hear the banjos playing in the background. I’m pretty sure I said “We’re all going to die!” a few times. But we kept on driving. Because we were GOING to get to that darn gas station.

But then the road ended completely. And there was nothing but creek. The floor of it looked smooth up until the end, which seemed to get deeper. Not wanting to turn around because we actually saw a real road with cars driving on it adjacent to said creek, we thought we’d survey the scene. Christina stripped off her shoes and rolled up her pants and waded in. I thought I’d skip that and try to scope things out from the bank of the creek. I got about halfway down the creek before I lost my nerve (and ran out of ground to stand on), but we had then determined that the creek might end up to be too deep to continue driving through.

On the way back from my little jaunt, I ended up with extremely muddy sneakers (fortunately, I had an extra pair to change into) and we were all beginning to freak out completely.

Very carefully, we turned around, terrified we were going to get stuck or run out of gas and that the natives would come out with their pitchforks and have us for dinner. But somehow, we survived the trek back to the real road and found our way towards the highway, where we knew we’d find gas. And now we know just how far that truck can drive while it’s on “E.” And fortunately for us, it’s a lot further than we would have expected.

At the gas station, we decided we were done with the off-road adventures and decided to go check into our Bed & Breakfast instead, White Cliff Manor. There, things began to improve, but I’ll admit, I pretty much laughed the whole adventure off. It was fun! And funny! And we didn’t die and we didn’t run out of gas. Things were going to be okay.

White Cliff Manor was beautiful. It’s an old house sitting on old plantation ground and is absolutely lovely. The owner, Brian, welcomed us as if we were family returning home. We were shown our rooms and was asked if we had dinner reservations. I’m pretty sure we hadn’t thought we’d need reservations but there are few actual restaurants in the area. And EVERYTHING is so spread out. I don’t know how those people can live there and not go insane. But Brian was resourceful and called around and got us in at a place called Weingarten, which was another winery.

Our reservations were not until 7:30 p.m., but we headed out there early. This turned out to be our favorite winery. It was fairly new on some beautiful grounds in a wide open space and the people there were absolutely fantastic. We had some bread and a sun dried tomato spread, along with what turned out to be three bottles of blackberry wine. The trip was officially a success.

And then we had dinner. Which consisted of a salad with some of the best dressing I’ve ever tasted. But the best part was the steak we had. I have never had steak tender enough to be cut with just a fork, but this steak was. And it tastes like absolute heaven. Between that, and the rolls, and the baked potato and the truffles we were given for dessert, we were good and stuffed at the end of the evening. Because of both a wedding and prom going on at the winery, we were given our very own private dining room and were treated like royalty. Even the owner of the place came out and spoke with us and apologized for the late seating for dinner.

I will return here someday. Just for that steak.

Our moods were lifted on the ride home and at some point, we were laughing so hard that I was, personally, in pain. I couldn’t catch my breath, but we were just giggling and cutting up and having a pretty darn good time.

We returned to White Cliff Manor and retired for the evening.

I had another dream that will end up being part of my second novel.

We woke up and had the best coffee on the planet. Apparently, Brian has a French press and grinds his own beans. It was DIVINE. But then at 9 a.m., the breakfast bell sounded. We gathered around the table with two couples and were served these amazing sticky buns with walnuts with a wonderful quiche, all homemade. We had orange juice, as well, but Brian also broke out a bottle of champagne (I had two glasses). At that point, I decided I wanted to live here forever.

But we had to come home sometime, didn’t we? We had a small photo session in front of the manor, taking photos with Brian and all of us, and then checked out. We decided we absolutely HAD to have the candle that Brian was using at the manor, so drove back into Ste. Genevieve and did a little shopping, checking out some antiques shops, gift shops and the candle store (we each purchased one of those candles – it smells like home and is appropriately called “Home Again”).

With purchases in hand, we drove home, making a stop in Cape Girardeau, where we were seriously disappointed that My Daddy’s Cheesecake was closed on Sundays. But we settled for Panera bread. After lunch, we came home.

And a good time was had by all.

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So yesterday was the annual Go To Kentucky to Celebrate Lily’s Birthday familial road trip. Lily, who was celebrating her second birthday, lives in Elkton, Kentucky. It’s about three hours to get there and three hours to come back. Needless to say, we are tired. But fun was had by all. Even if my brother spends entirely too much time in the car farting.

We started our morning early at 7 a.m., stopping in Union City, Tennessee to pick up some McDonald’s breakfast. And I needed coffee:

We also stopped for a bathroom break in Cadiz. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo of that…

We arrived in Elkton around 11 a.m. and attended a fashion show that was a charity event for the Todd County Health Department. We ate and watched the beautiful Lily model a dress from Belk.

Afterwards? We made our trek to the Mennonite Bakery that makes the best cinnamon rolls on the planet (we ate them for breakfast this morning):

We also visited another Mennonite store where the girls were singing in the back while they worked. There, we bought candy. Lots of candy. Probably too much candy. This included some very good lemon drops.

And then Lily got a short nap and it was time for her party. She wasn’t entirely thrilled at the beginning but once she got to play with some of the toys she got, she brightened up.

We ate a lot of cake and ice cream and finally made it home, stopping somewhere (I don’t even remember where) at a Cracker Barrel (they’re everywhere!) for dinner. I think I was dazed by then because I barely remember eating. But somehow we made it home to three very grateful kitty cats.

I should have taken more photos, but I was lazy. There were Amish on the roads in their horses and buggies, but I never got the camera out fast enough! It’s definitely an interesting part of the world.

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A fellow TripAdvisor forum poster had this to say in a thread about what pulls us to Paris. No one can really state it’s anything specific, but this sums it up perfectly:

“Paris is like a lover who has a permanent hold on your heart ~ you just can’t get him out of your head and even when you are with someone new, you can’t stop thinking about what you are missing.”

So it got me to thinking about other quotes about Paris, albeit more famous ones. Here’s what I found:

“When good Americans die they go to Paris.” - Oscar Wilde (I do so hope this is true. That would be my perfect heaven, after all).

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast.” – Ernest Hemingway (And feast it is. Oh, the food!)

America is my country and Paris is my hometown.” – Gertrude Stein

“I wish I could express what Paris does to me and why it seems that I have stopped seeing the rest of the world and keep returning there. To me, Paris IS the rest of the world, I suppose. “ – Robin Burks

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I finally got around to emailing American Airlines about my horrible previous experience flying with them. They responded with a voucher. I decided to bite the bullet and take advantage of the amazing air fare sale they’re promoting right now for fall travel to Europe and booked my flight to Paris.

I’m optimistic that I could not possibly have a second equally as horrible experience flying with American again. I hope I’m right.

But most of all, the important thing is this: I am going to Paris in September!

I am now going to email the apartment owner that I rent from and get my flight details to him. My little home away form home there awaits.

And then I’ll make sure my flight details get added to my TripIt.

Here are my flight details. I even got preferred seating for the international legs of the trip. A little more leg room can make a huge difference on those long hauls.

3957 MEM Memphis Sep 10, 2012
02:05 PM
ORD Chicago Sep 10, 2012
03:50 PM
O Food for Purchase

42 ORD Chicago Sep 10, 2012
06:10 PM
CDG Paris Sep 11, 2012
09:10 AM
O Dinner
Continental or Snack Breakfast

41 CDG Paris Sep 18, 2012
12:15 PM
ORD Chicago Sep 18, 2012
02:30 PM
O Lunch

4116 ORD Chicago Sep 18, 2012
05:30 PM
MEM Memphis Sep 18, 2012
07:15 PM
O Food for Purchase 
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Now that both Sundance and Gallifrey One (for this year) are finally over and done with, my free time is now being focused towards my third Paris trip in September. It’s going to be a great relaxing trip, now that I’ve seen most of the major sites, and my big plans are to re-visit the Louvre (at what I hope is a less crowded time) and a few lesser known free museums. Obviously, I’m focusing more on food this time around, as that was the most enjoyable thing I remember about the last trip.

In preparation, I’ve downloaded David Lebowitz’s Paris Pastry Guide. And I’ve organized personalized Google Maps around specific areas and pastry shops so that I’ll know where to find them when I get there.

I’m also debating which airport to fly out of. As it stands, flying out of St. Louis (a 3 1/2 hour drive from here) is $326 cheaper than flying out of Memphis (a 2 hour drive from here). Even after accounting in a higher parking rate in St. Louis, gas to drive there, as well as one night’s hotel accommodation (after I return), it’s still going to save me around $200. I looked at flight times, as well and I can get a 4 p.m. flight out of St. Louis which gives me plenty of time to drive to the airport that day (and still leave the house later than if I were flying into Memphis). And with a shorter layover at Newark, I end up spending less time actually traveling than flying out of Memphis on that first day.

Coming back, however, gets me into St. Louis around 6 p.m., so hence me needing a hotel that evening. It’s a long flight and driving 3 1/2 hours right after would be dangerous. But thanks to the wonder that is Priceline, I bet I can get a rate of $50 around the airport.

So that might just be the plan. Obviously, I still plan to wait to book the flight because I believe fares will be lower. But if I save on flying out of St. Louis, that’s more money to spend on pastries in Paris, right? And that sounds like a good idea to me.

But being as I don’t know what flights are going to be once fall fare sales go live, who knows which aiport I’ll be choosing? But it’s nice to know I have options.

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This weekend is a blur of events. But it was probably my favorite Gallifrey One con yet. In case you didn’t see my recaps on my blog, I’ll post the link here: – I blogged after each day, so if you want to know what I was up to, that will give you a good idea.

For the record, I didn’t go into detail, but Thursday night involved me getting sick-drunk on a bottle of wine. Like puking my guts up all night. And oddly enough, I was still fine on Friday, so it didn’t put too much of a damper on the trip. Thank goodness! Because that would have sucked. This obviously meant, though, that I did not do much drinking the rest of the weekend. I think the only other thing I had was a raspberry-flavored beer. I think I might be done with wine… for awhile.

Since I did blog all the details, I’ll just post about my highlights:

1. Finally getting to meet Rora and Phanny. OMG, those girls are fun! We’ve known each other online FOREVER, but this is the first time I’ve met them face to face. And obviously, it’s always a good time when I’m around Rachel (aka Cat).

2. Meeting Paul McGann. I was freaking fan-girling the entire time I was getting his autograph. I didn’t realize I’d be like that, but I was shaking when I handed him my DVD cover from the movie to sign. I told him that he was my first Doctor, to which he replied that he hoped that he wasn’t the last. And I squeeed really loud inside my head while standing there, but as soon as I was outside the room, I was jumping up and down. Yes, really. OMG, I LOVE HIM!

3. Having a conversation with Daphne Ashbrook. I told her she was my first companion, so she wrote something to the effect on my DVD cover that she felt very special. We also talked about how Grace sort of set the tone for the companions of the new series (independent and romantic with the Doctor). She was a sweetheart.

4. My two panels that I did. The first, I was like “I blog for” and then everyone else introduced themselves as writers for Disney and published authors and I realized I needed to spice up my credentials (I can’t believe I forgot to mention DVICE – I did for my second panel). But I held my own with the discussion (go me) and really enjoyed the video gaming panel we did – which consequently was hosted by ALL women. I felt empowered. And I talked about Skyrim. It was awesome. I will definitely want to do panels again.

5. Dancing to “I Will Walk 500 Miles” in a 100 person or so conga line at Friday night’s dance. Talk about FUN! We also danced our butts off. 

6. John DeLancie talking about My Little Pony and bronies. OMG, funniest thing ever. I made a note so I wouldn’t forget to blog about it. Oh, and by the way, JOHN DELANCIE!!!!

7. Danielli Favilli. This is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. And Italian. With that accent. And YUM. He’s doing a movie called “Swelter.” When he told me that, I pretended not to hear him, so he’d say it again. Oh, the way that word rolled off of his tongue…

8. Meeting one of the writers from Warehouse 13. I kept asking him about the new season and he’d pretend he was going to tell me something secretive about the plot and then he’d laugh and just say “Just watch. It’s going to be epic.” He was such a tease.

9. Getting to meet Jane Espenson. I thanked her for her Twitter writing sprints, not to mention all the encouraging words she gave me as a writer. I think I honestly was more excited about meeting her and being able to do that than even meeting Paul McGann. She’s only written for every t.v. show I’ve ever loved (and love now).

10. Seeing Mythbusters’ Grant Imihara roaming the Gallifrey One hallways dressed as the 10th Doctor. That was awesome.

11. Thanking Chris Hardwick for not hiring me as his web designer because I started my own blog and ended up writing for SyFy’s DVICE. He laughed, shook my hand and congratulated me and I gave him a ribbon.

12. I’m not sure this is a highlight, but I had my photo taken with Paul McGann. I’m not sure why I did this, because I’m always awkward in these things. And he threw me off by acknowledging my costume (Dr. Grace Holloway). So the minute he saw me, he nodded and said “Doctor.” I recovered quickly and did the same and said “Doctor.” It was funny and then the photographer was like “1, 2, 3″ Took the photo and it was “Next!” The photo looks like something from – we have the same forced smile on our faces. I don’t know if it will ever see the light of day. I’m sure I’ll laugh about it later, though.

13. Simon Fisher Becker (otherwise known as “the blue guy” from Doctor Who) recreating his monologue from the last episode of last year’s season. It was freaking amazing. I got goosebumps and he got a standing ovation.

Obviously, I have decided that I’m returning next year. I had too much fun this year not to. And I met so many amazing people and made a lot of new friends! I was also not afraid to actually chat up the guests when given the opportunity. Except for Paul McGann – I seem to lose my tongue around him. It’s those beautiful blue eyes, I think. 

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Taken with picplz.

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Taken with picplz.

I believe!

Feb. 20th, 2012 11:03 pm
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Taken with picplz.

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