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So I woke up a little extra early this morning as Christina, Amanda and I have a meeting with someone from the Missouri Arts Council around lunch. I was determined to put in four hours of work today, but I had everything on my list crossed out in 2-1/2 hours. I did spend some time looking at some ideas and mocking up a sketch for another site design I was doing, so it's been a pretty darn good day.

About 15 minutes ago, I got an invite email from the SyFy PR team asking me if I would like to attend a conference call Q&A to promote the SyFy movie "Treasure Island." I was like "meh" and then I read the people to be interviewed. One name, in particular, stood out. 


No shit. So of course, I sent an email back to let them know I was IN. Obviously. And I'll try not to squeal like a little girl when my time comes to ask him a question or two. Of course, now I need to research this remake of Treasure Island and see what it's all about. Apparently, Elijah Wood and Donald Sutherland are also in it. But OMG, I'm such a huge fan of Eddie Izzard. I think I've see all of his stand-up specials and I've watched most of the shows and movies he's been in. I adore him. This is going to be awesome and my biggest interview piece to date.

And all for my little bitty blog that I started so that I could express my fandom and geekery to others.

I'm obviously stupidly excited. I've just been tormenting the cats with "cake or death?" And I did a crazy little dance with made my Mom giggle.

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